Sporting Goods Water Sports SCUBA & Snorkeling Regulators
Atomic Aquatics Ti2 scuba dive first and second stage Regulator
Atomic Z2 Regulator
Brand New Oceanic FDX10 yoke with Delta 4 2nd stage with Alpha 9 octo included
Atomic B2 Regulator
Hollis DC1 DIN First Stage only
Scuba Pro MK17 EVO DIN Regulator 1st Stage Only
'Shark attack' diver dies in Victoria bay
"It felt like the real thing, like a big one, you know?" But the little shark had only ripped his wetsuit, leaving him uninjured. Mr Houston's death comes three years after 39-year-old Robert Zakarija died while snorkelling alone at Half Moon Bay ...
Sport Chalet, Inc. : Sport Chalet To Host The Fourth Annual Outdoor Expo In The Park
LOS ANGELES, May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- For the fourth year in a row, Sport Chalet, Inc., specialty sporting goods retailer, will host its interactive Outdoor Expo in the Park. On Saturday, May 18(th), from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Olberz Park next to the La ...
Dolphin Dive Club brings the SCUBA experience to the Boys & Girls Club of Athens
Dolphin Dive Club (DDC), a group of local certified scuba divers dedicated to continued education and community service, introduced the sport of scuba diving to middle ... Dedra Evans in recognition of their good grades and outstanding behavior.
Underwater scuba adventures are a liberating experience
Most dive shops require students to have their own mask, fins, snorkel, dive boots, weights and weight belt, which typically cost a total of $200 to $250. • 4. Once you’re certified, it’s a good idea to ... I’d be a scuba diver.
Sport Chalet To Host The Fourth Annual Outdoor Expo In The Park
LOS ANGELES, May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- For the fourth year in a row, Sport Chalet, Inc., specialty sporting goods retailer, will host its interactive Outdoor Expo in the Park. On Saturday, May 18 th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Olberz Park next ...
ScubaPro MK/25  S600 Regulator 1st and 2nd  Used twice.
Poseidon Jetstream Regulator
Hollis 212 SCUBA Regulator
Poseidon cyklon
Cressi Solid Scuba Package
Brand New Hollis DC7 scuba regulator first stage,DIN
Brand new Oceanic EOS swiv FDX-10 Yoke 1st and 2nd stage reg setup maxflex hose
Mares Proton Dive Regulator
Scubapro MK25 First Stage/ S600 Regulator JUST SERVICED
AquaLung Conshelf XII Regulator Vintage Scuba Diving Gear w/ Storage Bag
Brand New Oceanic Delta 4 2nd stage and PX2 piston Chrome,1st stage Maxflex hose
Scubapro MK25 first stage scuba diving regulator just serviced
Scubapro MK25 / S600 Regulator 
Atomic Aquatics Z1 Zirconium 1st & 2nd Stage SCUBA Dive Regulator
Apeks XTX 200 Regulator set DIN.
Brand New Oceanic FDX10 scuba regulator first stage,Yoke
Dive Regulator Sherwood with Brut Octupus and Vintage Dacor Dive Computer
Atomic Aquatics Z3 Regulator with Sealed 1st Stage and Swivel
Scubapro MK 15 DIN (+ extras)
US Divers Conshelf 21 Regulator 1st And 2nd Stage Octopus Reg. Oceanic Gauges
scubapro g250 full face mask and regulator
Scubapro MK17 EVO Regulator Fist Stage Only, Used twice.
MARES Complete Scuba Diving Regulator Set
Scubapro Air 2 scuba dive regulator hose
Max 145 PSI Second 2nd Stage Scuba Explorer Diving Dive Regulator Octopus Hookah
Aqua Lung Octopus
OMS Regulator
Scubapro Mark 10 first stage, just serviced! IP of 134 Ready to dive!
Scuba Pro Mk21 / S560 Regulator With An Oceanic Air Gauge. No Octo Included.
Mares MV Octopus Scuba Regulator Octo
Aqua Lung Legend Octopus Second Stage Regulator w/Miflex Hose
Oceanic scuba diving regulator with octo w/ Datamax Digital console and compass
Scubapro MK25 / S600 Regulator 
Pair of diving octopuses, one is an Aqualung, other is an oceanic,
Sherwood SCUBA Diving Regulator Set
Scubapro MK25 EVO/S600 - Used once in pool - perfect condition!
SCUBAPRO MK25 with S550 Regulator
Hollis DC1/212 sidemount regulator set DIN
Seaquest Aqua Lung Regulator 1st & 2nd Stage lot Suunto Gauges dual XR2
Complete Scuba Regulator Set By Sherwood And Suunto
ScubaPro 1st Stage & G250 2nd and 3 gauge console Scuba Diving Nice Clean
Oceanic Alpha 8 Scuba Diving Octopus Regulator, Alternate Safe Second Stage
MARES MV OCTO Alternate Back Up Scuba Diving Regulator
ScubaPro Air2 Octoflate Gen 5 Octo/Air2
Scubapro MK18UL/S620T Titanium Regulator Suunto Cobra Computer S360 Octo 
Vintage ScubaPro Chrome 1st & 2nd Stage Regulators with Gauges
New Hollis 321 Octopus second stage regulator
SEAQUEST Regulator/ SUUNTO / SHERWOOD Scuba Diving Equipment
Scuba first stage vise tool
ScubaPro Alpha 8 Regulator W/sherwood Dive Computer
Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator - Used On One Dive Trip- Excellent Condition
OMS Deep Performance Technical Scuba Regulator DIN
Octopus Scuba Regulator Second Stage - US Divers
Atomic SS1 RED - Used once in pool - excellent condition
Sherwood Scuba Diving Regulator Set with Computer Octo Gauges Console, Oasis
Aqua Lung Titan LX Supreme Regulator, + Absecto, with Apeks SPG. NEEDS OVERHAUL
Scubapro Regulator Mk25/G260 Black Tec/R085
Scubapro MK25 / S600 Regulator 
Oceanic Slim Line Delta Scuba Regulator Octopus Dive Diving Gauge
Atomic Aquatics SS1 Titanium Safe Second Octo/Inflator
Hollis 212 Second Stage only
Apeks XTX20 Second Stage
Beuchat Scuba Dive Regulator and Gauges/Computer Aladin Pro
Scubapro PDS-2 & Aeris A1 Octo Regulator
Scubapro Mk25, S550, Sherwood Insight Computer, Uwatec Console,Nice, Quality
Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulator
Cressi XS Octopus for Scuba Diving
2nd stage regulators
Oceanic Delta 2 Regulator 1st And 2nd Stage
Atomic Aquatics B2 Regulator - Used once in pool - Excellent Condition
Suunto viper dive computer
US Divers Scuba Diving Regulator w/ Aqua Lung Pressure Gauge
SCUBAPRO G200 G250 Regulator
Oceanic Delta 4, FDX10 1st Stage, and Slimline 2 Octo
OCEANIC GLO DATA 100, DX3 First Stage, Delta 2 Second, Slimline Octopus set. 
XS Scuba Miflex Low Pressure Hoses
Atomic Aquatics B2 Aqua Color Kit Purge Cover Only - Brand New
Scubapro G250 Graphite MK10 R190 Regulator, Tubes, & Depth Gauge Diving Gear Set
SCUBA Equipment
US Divers PN 9000-06 Second Stage Regulator Service Kit Conshelf Octopus SEA2.
Aqualung Titan Scuba Diving Reg Set- Professionally Tested
Dacor Scuba Diving Lot 360. pacer
Scubapro MK20 SCUBA regulator with Scubapro S 600
New Aeris by Oceanic AT400 1st stage (DVT) with Atmos Sport 2nd stage maxflex
Apeks AT20 Regulator with Octopus USED as rentals
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Major sporting event pulls out of Cornwall
A major sporting event ... The Festival of Sport took place in September and saw competitors travel from across the country to take part in a host of events from triathlons, to cycle races and open water swims. Speaking to The Cornishman following the ...
Dick’s Sporting Goods Open Earns Prestigious Presidents Award on Champions Tour
Mike Stevens, President of the Champions Tour, announced the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open, staged at En-Joie Golf Course ... In 2012, Willie Wood holed a 30-foot putt for birdie on the final hole of regulation to force a playoff with Michael Allen who ...
Starting Five: NCAA’s absurd draft rules the root cause of the Myck Kabongo fiasco
Sports is reporting that Kabongo will be suspended for ... That is why he surely did not hesitate when he chose to make an issue of our nation’s nearly absent regulations regarding assault weapons. "If one person in this world -- the NRA ...
Too bad gunmakers don’t care.
AR-15 style rifles are offered for sale at a sporting ... water heaters—every year. Nowadays there are fewer than 200 such deaths, and the number keeps decreasing. What happened? As in the story of the Pinto, lawsuits, media coverage, and ...
NRA power and money goes a long way in states
A selection of AR-15 style rifles for sale at Freddie Bear Sports sporting goods store in Tinley Park ... big victories on gun rights at the federal level. Much of gun regulation, however, happens at the state level, where the NRA wields ...
If ammo needs a 'sporting purpose,' slaying aspiring tyrants must be a 'sport'
The Founding Fathers did not devote ten percent of the Bill of Rights to the protection of the right to keep and bear sporting goods. If killing would-be tyrants and their hired muscle is a "sport," shouldn't we CSGV-designated "insurrectionists" have some ...